The Unarmed Constituent at Warby Parker Walnut Creek

During the middle of the coronavirus homeless are targeted for trespassing via a property a manager screaming at Bennett.

Bennett unknown the manager and Warby, keep the property clean, worked hard to keep the elements that leave trash behind, do other things and like Bennett are likely banned from Trinity Center for unknown reasons. 

Wait until you learn how officers now removed convinced others that I was a restrained party.  No question I was deprived of my Civil Rights but good luck with the Contra Costa Bar Association.  Let it be known the winning counsel in the Ben Curry drowning refused to take the many cases, incidents and causes of action. 

They rebuked me enough times plus I started calling the State Bar of California with my complaints which likely landed me in the hospital several times via a long enough lists of assaults mostly occurring in the business association.

There is a clear pattern of raging attacks on local homeless but my story is different before the final takedown in 2010 I was forced from multiple offices plus an employee of a member company attempted to drag into a brand new Ford SUV.

There is only conclusion to that which is my life would have been .....